Monday, March 10, 2014

I'm Giving Away Five Audiobooks. Leave a Comment to Win

Win an audio book by leaving a comment and your email address. I have six new audio books and am pleased with the narrators who have not only read the books, but acted out the characters' voices. They are as follows: 

A Village Shattered is the first novel in my Logan & Cafferty mystery/suspense series featuring two baby boomer women amateur sleuths living in a San Joaquin Valley retirement village where their club members are dying alphabetically. A newly elected sheriff bungles the investigation so Dana Logan and Sarah Cafferty decide to solve the murders before they become the serial killer's victims. Mystery, romance and humor. And tule fog!

Escape, a Wyoming Historical Novel is based on actual history and Butch Cassidy's Wild Bunch. A young woman disguised as a 12-year-old boy is kidnapped and taken to the Hole in the Wall hideout, where Andrea (Andy) attempts to hide her genre while listening to the gang plan the ill-fated Belle Fourche bank robbery. She also attempts to convince the youngest member of the gang to reform and help her escape.

No Escape, the Sweetwater Tragedy is based on the actual hangings of a young couple, Ella Watson-Averell and her husband James, by greedy Wyoming cattlemen who want their land. It's also the story of Susan Cameron, a composite of some 200,000 single women who attempted to prove up on their own homesteads during the late 1880s. With the help of her new friend, veterinarian Michael O'Brien, Susan tries to solve the murders but they have to flee for their lives when the cattlemen's henchmen try to murder them as well.

Mystery of Spider Mountain is a middle grade mystery novel set in the Hollywood Hills where I grew up at the bottom of a huge hill that my brothers and I called Spider Mountain. There trap door spiders and other crawling creatures lived. A mysterious house sat at the hill's summit and we climbed our mountain to investigate. What my characters find changes their lives forever.

Westerners: Candid and Historic Interviews is a nonfiction book, which includes some of hundreds of interviews I conducted as a
news reporter and freelance photojournalist. The interviews include Louis L'Amour, country singer Chris LeDoux, A. B. Guthrie, Jr.; Bill Cody, Buffalo Bill's infamous grandson; presidential grandson William Henry Harrison, Amelia Earhart's aviatrix friend Lucile Wright, Alice Bubeck, the country's oldest talk show host; and many others.

Wyoming's Cowboy Poets and Their Poetry is a collection of brief profiles and samples of some of the state's best poetry. The poets include Georgie Sicking, Poet Laurette Robert Roripaugh, Rhonda Sedgwick, John Nesbitt, Sue Wallis, Dr. Kent Stockton and a host of cowboy poets who write both lyrically and with cowboy lingo. Most have worked as cowhands on ranches, two as college instructors, and all have a innate sense of the West and the Western way of life.

The audio books are found at, and iTunes. No Escape and Mystery of Spider Mountain are on Whispersync and can be read and listened to at the same time.


  1. Please place me on your win list. I love this series and would like to listen to it..

  2. Your name is in the hopper. Thanks for stopping by C8.

  3. Howdy M'am! I am a bit of a cowboy poet myself. C];-)}|>

  4. Glad to hear it, Mavmin. If your name is drawn, you'll win a copy of Wyoming's Cowboy Poets, which I know you'll enjoy.

  5. Hi Jean,
    I'm a long time fan of western stories, and I live in the Highlands of Scotland, where we have a history that's in many ways similar to that of the old west. Good luck with the audio books

  6. Thank you, Donnel. I have a good friend who lives in the Scottish Highlands, who also writes. Best of luck to you in winning. I'm giving away six audio books so you have a very good chance.

  7. I've only listened to two or three audio books so far. But I really enjoy Logan and Cafferty. I'd love to hear their voices acted out.

    1. My narrator does a great job acting out all the characters' voices, Sheila. All 22 of them. I'm sure you'll enjoy the audiobook.

  8. Gail Kaufman Chall couldn't find the spot to comment, so I'm entering her name in the drawing.